Adoptions at the shelter are by Appointment Only

If you have any questions, would like to know more about the kitties we have available or to schedule an appointment, please click on the button below.  Or visit us at Petco in Monroeville to see some of our kitties (details below and also under Events section).

If you want to get a jumpstart on the application process, please complete and return the attached form.

Any monetary, Amazon Wishlist and/or Chewy donations are greatly appreciated, especially during this time.

We are also always in need of volunteers.  There are many ways you can volunteer.  Please check out our Mission section for more information.



Please go to our Petfinder page to see a more complete list.  If you you do not see the kitty for you, please email us as we get new cats and kittens in often and do not always have time to update the site.



Scrooge used to be a little grumpy...BUT you would NEVER know that now. He's the first one to run up to you, and will not leave our volunteers’ side. He loves his pets and will head bop your hand. He always wants to be the star of the show, so taking pictures of other cats is quite the challenge!


Scrooge is a senior and is ready to ditch the shelter life and find a home of his very own.  Please consider adopting this sweet guy and so he can finally have a home to live out his golden years.


You can find out more about Scrooge or by contacting Renee at

Mountain Boy1.jfif


Mountain Boy is hoping to finally have a loving home for his golden years. He's been in the shelter for quite some time and is beyond ready to know what it feels like to have his very own bed and food bowl. Mountain Boy is estimated to be about 15 years old, which is surprising because he looks so youthful and is energetic for being a senior. He's always ready to greet the volunteers as they're cleaning and is usually hanging around his buddy, Chester (another senior cat who has been at the shelter since 2011 and would love a furever home).

You can find out more about Mountain Boy (and Chester) on Petfinder or by contacting Renee at



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